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LED Lighting

Save Money

LED lights run on 90% less energy than standard halogen lights. With Electricity prices increasing every year, this means savings of 90% on your power bills which means money in your pocket.

LED Downlights Bendigo

Longer Life

Conventional light bulbs generally last 720 to 2,000 hours as compared to LED lights which last up to 25 times longer - having an estimated lifespan of 35,000 to 50,000 hours.

LED Lights Bendigo


LED'S produce more light per watt than traditional bulbs making them ideal for enhancing your kitchen granite bench.

Efficient LED Lighting Bendigo


We can provide a wide selection of LED lighting options that will suit your home's décor. Is it a sleek brushed chrome downlight you're after? Perhaps a colourful hanging pendant? Please contact us and one of our friendly staff can help you find the light you're looking for.

Stylish LED Lights Bendigo


LED lights are easily dimmed creating the perfect light level in your home theatre, TV room or bedroom with cool and warm white lamp options available..

Dimmable LED Lights Bendigo

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