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Indoor Lighting

LED Downlights

Do you want your home to look great and save on running costs? Well you can't go past the popular LED downlight.

Features & Benefits
  • Recessed or Surface Mount
  • Fixed or Gimble configurations
  • White or Brushed Chrome Finishes
  • Low running temperature
  • High Energy savings
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LED Strip Lights

This type of lighting can be used for many purposes including navigation on steps, hallways and outdoor decks. LED strip lighting is usually coated in a waterproofing substance which enables it to be used in wet area's such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. The small size of LED strip lighting means it is ideal for under bench lighting in your kitchen or lighting the inside of otherwise dark cupboards.

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Pendant Light

Pendant light fixtures are becoming more popular in today's homes. They can complement the interiors of your house, whatever your style. It is important that these fixtures are installed correctly and mounted at the most effective height.

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Fluorescent Lights

If you're looking for a bright light to operate over long periods of time, fluorescent lights are a great choice.

We can supply and install a large range of attractive fluorescent lighting options that are great for garages, laundries and workshops.

Features & Benefits
  • Surface Mounted or suspended by chain
  • Range of reflectors and wire guards to suit
  • Control options available for dimming
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