5 Home Energy Saving Tips

by: Ben Anderson on

Take the pain away from opening that dreaded Electricity Bill by implementing these simple energy saving tips in your home to save you money.

1. Fridge and Freezer

Fridges and Freezers run constantly 24/7 so as one of the highest energy consumers we need them running efficiently.

Adjust your fridge thermostat temperature to between 2-5 degrees celsius and freezer to between -15 to-18 degrees celsius.

Keep a well ventilated 10cm gap around your fridge so air can circulate freely.

Fridges and freezers work more efficiently when full, so size accordingly next time you purchase.

Replace any broken or loose seals. Check this by placing a piece of paper between door seal when closed. If the paper slides out easily, its time to replace seal.

2. Heating and Cooling your Home

You can save up to 45% on your heating and cooling costs by making sure your home is well insulated.

Installing a ceiling fan will keep you comfortable on a hot day. They use far less electricity and are easier to maintain.

Make sure your air conditioner is regularly maintained to remove dust and ensure adequate air flow.

3. Lighting

Install movement sensors with auto off timers.  Not only is energy consumption reduced but longer lamp life is gained as lights will automatically switch off when not occupied.

By replacing your existing 50w low voltage halogen downlights with an LED or fluorescent equivalent, you could save up to 90% on your next power bill.

Use lamp shades with a white liners to reflect more light.

4. Appliances

Studies prove that the average household has around 70 plug in appliances, with most of these consuming power when not functioning. Stand by power accounts for 9% of your homes electricity consumption. By turning off unused appliances at the power point you can save up to 800 kWh of electricity per year.

5. Hot Water

On average electric hot water units account for 25% of the homes electricity usage. Set the hot water temperature to 50 degrees celsius and install water saving showerheads in your home to reduce the amount of energy used. If you own an Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water Service, switch off the electric boost (HWS circuit breaker in your switchboard) when you leave for holidays or in the summer months to save costs.

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